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Wednesday August 9

Workout of the Day


Dynamic Stretch


Warmup Bar Muscle Ups/Pullups


10 Front Squats
5 Hi Hang Cleans
5 Hang Cleans
5 Cleans

Part 1

Clean (Full)

Perform a set every 2 minutes

Loading Guidelines: 
Sets 1-4: 50-80%
Sets 5-8: 85-100%

Build up to a 1RM for the day 
Technique dictates whether you should continue adding weight to the bar
If new to this lift, perform 8 sets of 3, building to a moderately challenging weight

Part 2

Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of: 
4 Bar Muscle Ups
2 Squat Cleans (80% of 1RM)

Post 1RM and rounds completed to comments.


Bar Muscle Ups

  • Sub 4-8 Pullups (based on ability)
  • Perform CTB, Chin Over Bar or Band