Monday March 26

The 5th and final week of the Open is almost in the books!

If you still need to perform 18.5 or are looking for one more shot at it on Monday, please email and we’ll plan accordingly.

Don’t forget to submit your scores by 8pm tonight at or through the CrossFit Games app.


Workout of the Day


Dynamic Stretch


10 x Front Squats
5 x High Hang Squat Clean
5 x Hang Squat Clean
5 x Squat Clean


2 sets of 6-8 touch and go Squat Cleans

Determine starting weight for workout


Squat Clean

Set 1: 21 reps
Set 2: 15 reps
Set 3: 9 reps
Set 4: 6 reps
Set 5: 3 reps
Sets 6-9: 1 rep

Compare to May 3, 2017.

Post load for all six sets to comments.


  • The goal is to perform each set unbroken, without putting the bar down, with as much weight as possible
  • Increase weight each set
  • If you break a set, pick the bar up and finish in as few sets possible
  • Rest 3 minutes b/w sets
  • A general rule of thumb would be to start at 50% of your 1RM Clean and add 10% each set.