Here at CFGC we welcome traveling CrossFitters to come by and train with us – whether it’s just for one day or for an extended period of time.  

Regardless of how long you will be in town or how many classes you would like to attend, we ask that you send us an email ahead of time to let us know what day and time you will be coming down.

Please arrive a few minutes early for your first class so we can have you fill out some paperwork and get the class started on time. 

Should you have questions about finding our facility, public transportation, accommodations or parking, please feel free to reach out to us.  

We look forward to meeting you!



Places we CAN park:

  • On the street in front of our building (on our side of the street)
  • On the sidewalk in front of our building – understand that if you pull up on the sidewalk there is a chance that you will get blocked in
  • Across the street in front of Seviroli Foods (NOT LI Pipe Supply) towards Oak Street
  • 300 feet west of our building (towards Clinton) on the opposite side of the street, there is a strip of unlimited street parking. This will serve as our main source of parking, especially during busier hours of the day. It is a short 2-3 minute walk to our building – just be careful crossing the street!

Places we CANNOT park:

  • In the Seviroli Foods parking lot next to our building
  • In the MTA Police parking lot next to our building
  • Across the street in front of LI Pipe Supply – there are often large trucks coming in and out and cars there would be in jeopardy of getting hit
  • On the street blocking the driveways in front of our garage doors