Proper nutrition is the determining factor in making progress to body composition and performance goals. Yet it is often the most overlooked. Whether you have fat loss goals, want improved performance or are looking for muscle gains, training cannot compensate for a poor diet.

That’s why we developed CrossFit Garden City’s Nutrition Coaching program. Adding accountability, education and guidance within three main pillars of health: diet, sleep and exercise. It is our goal to create sustainable, healthy and long-term eating habits that will have you looking, feeling and performing your best. The program has a whole foods approach, that aims to eliminate the need for the roller coaster of on and off again restrictive dieting.

The six week program includes:

  • Initial consultation for goal setting, baseline measurements, before photos, reviewing of food log format and group messaging app.
  • Bi-weekly, personalized food journal feedback, which will also include sleep, hydration and exercise check ins. A food journal is one of the most important tools within nutrition and is essential for accurate nutrition counseling.
  • Unlimited access to ask questions for a quick response on group messaging app.
  • Weekly accountability check-in to serve as a reminder to log all information.
  • Upon completion of six week program, final measurements and after photos
  • Rewards for completing all six weeks, with daily food logs.
  • Opportunity for ongoing coaching for those who have completed the six week program and wish to continue for further results.

This is not simply a diet plan. This is a process created to help build and foster a sustainable and healthy relationship with food. This will allow for the greatest success in achieving and maintaining goals long term. This program will arm you with the necessary tools for continued progress, going forward on your own!

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