In order to ensure our program is as safe, efficient and effective as possible for everyone that trains here, our coaches take time to get to know you and give you the tools you need to succeed.

We do not rush this process, and therefore we require everyone to participate in a thorough introduction to our program.

STEP 1: Free Trial Class

Prior to making any type of commitment, we want you to experience our workouts, coaching and gym environment first-hand!

Our Free Trial Class enables you to:

  • Meet our coaches and get familiar with our workout environment
  • Learn how we can modify all of our workouts to any fitness level
  • Try a workout first-hand (optional)
  • Ask questions about how the program works, membership options, our Foundations Program and anything else on your mind!

To participate in a Free Trial Class, come in to any one of our Wednesday CrossFit classes. This step is not required, but recommended. If you know you’re ready to get started, skip to Step 2!

STEP 2: Foundations Program

Prior to joining our CrossFit group classes, everyone must participate in Foundations, an introductory program designed to gradually introduce the movements, training and intensity found in our group classes.

Our Foundations Program consists of 6 private training sessions with one of our experienced coaches.

A couple notes about our Foundations program:

  • The purpose of our Foundations program is to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to safely integrate into our regular group classes.
  • You will be working under the supervision of one of our coaches in a one-on-one format. You will work with the same coach for all 6 sessions.
  • Each session will focus on learning and practicing the movements found in our workouts, emphasizing proper technique, speed and range of motion.
  • At the end of each session, you will be taken through an appropriately challenging workout incorporating the movements learned that day.

Fill out the form below to get started with our Foundations program and we will get back to you shortly!

STEP 3: CrossFit Group Classes

The training wheels come off! Once you have completed all 6 of your Foundations sessions, you will be invited to join our CrossFit Group Classes.

Our classes combine weightlifting, calisthenics, gymnastics and cardiovascular activity into one eclectic, efficient and incredibly effective package.

Our coaches will take you through the Workout of the Day in a supportive, instructional and motivating environment.