Ask the Coach: Supplements?

From the Members: Do you recommend or view any supplements as a must have for CrossFit members? From the Coach: One of the major reasons why our program is so effective, is that it FORCESyou to improve your nutrition and lifestyle habits.  In order to keep up with the demands of our program and make the type of progress we expect, you simply cannot get away with poor nutrition, regular consumption of alcohol/sugar/processed food


Weightlifting Shoes"A question we get a lot of at the gym is, “Should I buy a pair of weightlifting shoes?” Let us help you answer this question.What is special about a weightlifting shoe? A weightlifting shoe is a sturdy shoe that has three important features that make them valuable to the weightlifter.One, weightlifting shoes have a wooden or composite heel that does not squish or compress under heavy loads. When lifting h

Shoulders Revisted

From the Archives: "Keeping Those Dang Shoulders Healthy" The shoulder girdle is one of the most complex and, oftentimes, dysfunctional structures in the body.  Our workouts place tremendous immediate and cumulative stress on this structure.  Even perfectly functional, healthy shoulders are susceptible to pain and/or injury under the demands we place upon them. Aside from ensuring you are using good technique and appropriate weigh

Ask the Coach: Hand Care

From the Members: "Hi Coach Dennis, today my hands got ripped apart again from pull ups. I ordered the Again Faster grips but today I ripped even with them on.  What do you suggest pre/post workout to prevent the ripping of the palms and fingers? Grips or no Grips? Tape?" From the Coach: Ripped hands/torn callouses is an all-too-common issue with many of our members, especially those of you who are fairly new to the world of high-repetiti

Rope Climbing Tips

  "Here are a few tips to perfect your rope climb: Use your feet and legs as much as possible! This not only makes climbing easier and faster, but safer as well.Take the extra time to get a good "lock" with your feet and legs. If the rope is slipping between your feet, you are forced to use your upper body more than necessary to keep from sliding back down the rope.Get as much distance with each pull as possible. To

Ask the Coach: How Much Should I Eat?

Question From "The Members": "How much should we eat?  I still struggle with how to eat properly.  I am confused about whether or not I am eating too much or not enough.  Are there any guidelines for this?" Answer From "The Coach": As many of you know, our philosophy when it comes to eating is to focus primarily on QUALITY over QUANTITY.  Focusing on quality looks something like this: Eat as much meat, poultry,

Strength Train for a Healthy Back

Strengthening the muscles of the abdomen and torso, help to protect the back and spine" Skip your run in favor of strength training for a stronger and healthier back. A new study in the journal Medicine and Science in Sport and Exercise is one of the first to test how running effects the discs of the spine.Remember, the spine is made up of intervertebral discs and each one has fluid within it. Healthier discs have more fluid inside them, and the

Building Strength with Gymnastics

"The key to developing the muscle-up is pull-ups and dips. "Excerpt from "What is Fitness?" from The CrossFit Journal "The starting place for gymnastic competency lies with the well-known calisthenic movements: pull-ups, push-ups, dips, and rope climb. It is within this realm of activities that we can develop extraordinarystrength (especially upper body and trunk), flexibility, coordination, balance, agility, and accuracy. Set g

Rethinking Calories for Weight Loss

Excerpt from "Why the Calorie Approach to Weight Loss Doesn't Work: Calories are Stupid" by Charles Poliquin "A calorie-based weight loss system doesn't work for two principle reasons.First, the different macronutrients  produce different hormone responses that directly influence the metabolic rate and whether the body is in a fat burning or storing mode. Second, the amount of calories—known as the thermic ef

Running Tips

Excerpt from "Running-ology 101" by Max Prokopy The simplest way to improve running mechanics is to optimize your cadence, aka foot strikes per minute.  In essence, the less time your foot spends on the ground, the less can go wrong.  Timing your cadence is easy: 1) run at your typical pace; 2) count the number of times your right foot touches the ground in 30 seconds; and 3) multiply that number by 2 to calculate

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