10 Diet Tips for Leanness & Performance

Excerpt from "Ten Superior Diet Tips for Leanness & Performance" via 1. Take Control of What You Put In Your Mouth Now is the time to make informed choices about what and how you eat. Be empowered by your decisions, and remember that no one ever ate anything by accident. 2. Get Fat Adapted To do it, you need to restrict carbohydrates in favor of protein and fat so that your body burns fat rather than glucose. One o

Ask the Coach: Rhabdo

From the Members: "I think you guys need to address the CFGC community about the Rhabdo media frenzy with some cool hard facts." ______________________________________________________________________________________ From Coach Dennis: The whole "CrossFit is Dangerous and Can Kill You" thing has been proliferated in the media moreso than ever over the past week or so.  Listening to and reading these reports can understandably lead to a bi

Training & Nutrition Lies

  Excerpt from Charles Poliquin's "Three Incredible Lies in Mainstream Training & Nutrition" Lie #1: Aerobic Exercise Will Help You Lose Fat The Truth: Aerobic Exercise is A Fat Trap The effect of regular aerobic exercise on body fat is negligible. High-intensity intermittent exercise, which is anaerobic rather than aerobic in nature, is much more effective. Do This Instead: Prioritize anaerobic training in the form of regular weigh

Ask the Coach – Weight Belts?

Question from the Members: I was wondering what your opinion was re. weight/support belts. If you have a lower back injury is it ok to wear a belt or is it better to just work on form and forego the support? _____________________________________________________________________________________  Answer from Coach Dennis: The topic of weight belts is one of increased interest as the sport of CrossFit continues to grow and popularize the use

Improve Body Composition with Strategic Eating

Excerpt from Charles Poliquin's "Improve Body Composition with Strategic Eating: Solid Protein is the Answer": Improve body composition with strategic eating and drinking. Be aware of how different types of foods and beverages affect energy and desire to eat, and you will be leaner and feel better. Research shows that both mode of consumption and what you consume play a primary role in alleviating hunger and thirst. ... Results showed tha

Fish Oil and Prostate Cancer?

From Mike Kesthely Dynamic Nutrition Optimum Performance Training Team What did you think when you saw the headline about bananas?  Did you scoff?  What about the recent fish oil study?  As many of you have probably read already there's been a LOT of talk over this recently published study: Plasma Phospholipid Fatty Acids and Prostate Cancer Risk in the SELECT Trial   Some thoughts... This is a retrospective obser

The Importance of Sleep

Excerpt from Mark's Daily Apple, "The Definitive Guide To Sleep": "Sleep is key, essential, absolutely downright necessary for our basic physiological operations – with special support for neurological performance, endocrine balance, immune system functioning, and musculoskeletal growth and repair. For one, you wouldn’t be half the man or woman you are without the physiological feats sleep achieves. I mean that both literally and f

Rest and Recovery

"As a CrossFitter you have likely been: fatigued, sore and generally beat up at one time or another, or perhaps continuously! This is a result of training. What will largely determine the results you obtain from training is a multifaceted concept, recovery. Adequate recovery allows for more training and ultimately improved performance. In exercise we release hormones, mount immune responses, cause inflammation and use things like glycogen and li

Nutrition Myths

Nutrition Myths You Need to Stop Believing from Charles Poliquin Myth #1: Eating foods that contain cholesterol, such as eggs, increases your blood cholesterol levels. Not true. Cholesterol is auto-regulated, so if you eat more cholesterol one day, then your body produces less, and vice versa.   Myth #2: High cholesterol (LDL) puts you at higher risk for cardiovascular disease.   Actually, elevated levels of fasting blood sug

Coach Burgener on the Clean

  Tip of the Day: Keep pulling. "Pulling on that bar as I'm going underneath the bar is critical." Watch the full video in the CrossFit Journal.

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