Rest and Recovery

“As a CrossFitter you have likely been: fatigued, sore and generally beat up at one time or another, or perhaps continuously! This is a result of training. What will largely determine the results you obtain from training is a multifaceted concept, recovery. Adequate recovery allows for more training and ultimately improved performance.

In exercise we release hormones, mount immune responses, cause inflammation and use things like glycogen and lipids for fuel. Recovery complements this process. Accelerating the things we want and mitigating the less desirable processes will provide more return on our exercise investment.


Eat a diet with predominantly antioxidant rich “Paleo” foods. Lean protein sources combined with predominantly fruit, yams/sweet potatoes or squash for the carbs.



Get 8–10 hrs per night in a completely dark room. This will normalize inflammatory conditions, autoimmunity, insulin resistance and hormone status (good things like growth hormone, testosterone and estrogen).


Find ways to manage stress. Interestingly, if one is well fed and adequately rested one is more resistant to stress.

This is where all this recovery stuff gets very interwoven: If you lack sleep you do not digest or absorb food normally. Sleep affects digestion, nutrition affects sleep. Things like stress affect both.”

Excerpt from “On Recovery” by Robb Wolf in The CrossFit Journal