Improve Body Composition with Strategic Eating

Excerpt from Charles Poliquin’s “Improve Body Composition with Strategic Eating: Solid Protein is the Answer“:

Improve body composition with strategic eating and drinking. Be aware of how different types of foods and beverages affect energy and desire to eat, and you will be leaner and feel better. Research shows that both mode of consumption and what you consume play a primary role in alleviating hunger and thirst.

Results showed that when participants ate their meal in solid form with utensils, they were more satisfied and had less hunger two hours after eating than if they drank the same mealThe protein meal was most effective at alleviating hunger, raising energy levels, and sustaining feelings of satisfaction. Desire to continue eating was greater after eating the carb and fat meals. Also, after drinking all macronutrient options, desire to eat increased significantly. Hunger levels increased and 80 percent of participants expressed being hungry and having a substantial desire to eat two hours after drinking the meal compared to only 5 percent of the subjects who ate their meal.

Liquid meals can be convenient and essential after working out in order to take advantage of the immediate “window of opportunity” to feed the muscles and elevate protein and tissue synthesis. But, relying on protein shakes or other liquid meals may not be your best bet if fat loss is a goal. Perhaps eating a protein meal and supplementing with BCAA capsules is a better solution if you often feel hungry shortly after drinking a shake.

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