Deadlifting Done Right

Excerpt from “5 Reasons Why Deadlifts Are Killing Your Lower Back”

“The Deadlift is, with the Squat, the most important exercise you could ever do. But like with all exercises, if you get pain on Deadlifts it almost always means you’re doing something wrong. Here are the 5 most common reasons why the Deadlift could be killing your lower back right now, and what to do about it.

1. You’re Pulling Instead of Pushing.
 Deadlifting by pulling back – without engaging your posterior chain (hips/glutes) – stresses your lower back more. It’s also inefficient because you’re using less muscles to lift the weight.

2. Your Hips Are Too High.
 Your hips must be lower in order to Deadlift using your legs muscles. Focus on the starting position which will always be the same regardless of the length of your limbs.

 3. You’re Rounding Your Lower Back. Everybody knows that lifting a barbell (or any other object) with your lower back rounded stresses your spine. Unless you want to suffer a hernia, you really need to Deadlift with your back straight.

4. You’re Hyperextending Your Lower Back. Exaggerating the lockout by leaning back is as bad for your spine as Deadlifting with a round lower back. Repeatedly hyperextending your back at the top can cause hernias.

5. The Bar Is Away From Your Body. The closer the bar is to you, the better the leverage, and thus the lesser the strain on your lower back.

Frankly, if you master proper Deadlift technique:

  • You will build a stronger back
  • You will be less prone to injuries
  • You could eliminate nagging back pain, once and for all”